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Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher dies

While working today, the news came in about Carrie Fisher. Ugh. Ok, happy story. In 1995 and 1996, I had the pleasure of doing a number of shows at Big Sky Ski Resort in Big Sky, Montana. A life-changing experience both personally and musically. On one of those trips, I think it was New Year's Eve, we got word that Carrie Fisher was at the resort. Pete Reimer (piano) turned to us and said in the most enthusiastic voice: "If she walks in the club, we have got to play the Star Wars theme!" Phil Kestra (drums) gave his classic silent grin and I yelled: "No! We are not playing the Star Wars Theme if she walks in!" We never did find out if she was in the club that week. That's the closest I ever got to Princess Leia.

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