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ENGLISH breakdown videos: explanation of what I'm doing in the songs.

As a few of you know, I recently got back on Instagram. Now that I have one more avenue of communication, I find myself making choices of where to put information. I need to get better at it. I mean, I know some of you enjoy reading these blog posts and some of you like what Instagram has to offer.

Last night, ENGLISH played at xBk Live in Des Moines. Always a great time. Leading up to the show, I made a series of short videos that I posted daily on Instagram that explained solos or horn sections of our songs. I wanted to create a way of introducing the songs to a new audience that was more than: "hey, you should listen to my song." The feedback was positive. I'll do this more in the future. Below are the videos I shared on Instagram. Enjoy.

Stay tune for another show announcement. As always, thanks for reading, listening, and watching.


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