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ENGLISH: shows and EP

If you've been following along or you're just joining me, I'm very excited to announce that ENGLISH is playing shows this summer and our new album will be out soon.

Our first show in 15 months is this Friday, May 28 at xBk Live. Tickets are still available (the venue is limiting seating for COVID safety) plus it will be live-streamed. Click here for ticket info or tune in to the venue's YouTube page this Friday at 7:30 pm Central. all-ages show.

I'm so excited to share this news....Next month we play the Des Moines Arts Festival! I've seen so many wonderful bands over the years and I'm excited to play with my best friends. We have an afternoon set at 3:15 Saturday June 26 on the HyVee MainStage. The entire event is free and lasts for three days. More info here! ...a family-friendly event.

“Mona Lucy” — EP coming this summer, 2021. More info and first single arriving very soon. We are so excited to share what became a labor of love due to the pandemic. We recorded most of the record the week before the shutdown and then slowly finished it up as time and safety allowed. But this is a set of songs that we are immensely proud of and it brought us closer together as a group. Full release will happen as soon as we are able to throw a big party to celebrate. Huge thanks to Autumn Sheppard @tizbizz for the incredible artwork. Please visit their page and support this amazingly talented artist. #ENGLISH#desmoines#iowa#independentartist#newmusic#monalisa#lucilleball#yougotsomesplainintodo

ENGLISH is a five-piece ensemble from knee-deep in the heartland, Des Moines. Fusing together the sounds of rock, funk, soul, alt-country and a touch of weird, this spectrum of influences is glued together by the band’s tight rhythm section, blistering horns and dynamic lead vocals...but they just call it "tater-tot casserole rock" to keep it short and simple.

ENGLISH is: Russ Tomlinson, Tommy Doggett, Chris English, Hans Decker, and Justin Goes.


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