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It’s the end of January already

Where did the time go? Where does it ever go? It gets used one way or another. I’ve been thinking lately about social media because I’m back on it to promote Lines + Lineage. As many of you know, I got completely off of social media back in 2018. What did it do for me? Well, I got into a great relationship and I composed an album's worth of songs. By nature, social media is designed to say “Hey, look at me!” But for many years, I had nothing to say. I was adding to the noise instead of communicating. Clearing my head allowed me to get to a place where I had something to say to another human being and to do that, I had to listen. That listening turned into something beautiful and before I knew it, I had something say.

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I have a show in a few weeks at a wonderful space, The Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. They host a music series called Botanical Blues every Sunday. Come for the music, stay for the plants and flowers. I’ll be joined by Seth Hedquist. For tickets and admission, please visit their website. This is family-friendly event.

Sunday February 12 @ 1pm and 3pm

Botanical Blues at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

I’ve had lots of questions about the album. Rest assured that it’s being mixed. I had a mixing session last month followed by some adjustments the past few weeks. It’s a process, and like anything of value, you should take your time. It’s way too easy to get excited and turn everything up…not that I would ever do that…but…eh…I’ve heard of some people doing it…it’s not good…apparently.

With Lisa’s help, I created some new business cards. They are a mock-up of the album cover art. Pick one up at a show…the QR code will take you to my website.

And lastly, a wonderful moment from a gig last month with Seth Hedquist. We had just recorded Lines + Lineage the week before. The tunes were fresh in our heads and we were ready to stretch out. Enjoy this duo interpretation of my composition, Grandma Louise. This is the complete song not just the 60 seconds I posted on Instagram and Facebook. I'm giving you, the reader, more because you've taken the time and energy to visit my website and join my mailing list. You’ll have an opportunity to hear this song and more next month at The Botanical Garden.

Thanks for reading and listening. Take care of yourself and each other.

Happy New Year,

Tommy Doggett


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