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Men for Mental Health Event – Live Online

(edit) The entire event was professionally filmed and recorded. To watch, visit Men for Mental Health.

A virtual event to raise funds and awareness for men’s and boy’s mental health. Planned and hosted by Ann Flood, t.L.M.H.C.

Friday, October 9, 2020 from 6 – 7 p.m. (pre-show starts at 5:45 p.m.) Central Time

Men and boys are reluctant to visit their primary care provider, much less to meet with a mental health provider. Yet research shows that men and boys are more likely to complete suicide or harm others as a result of depression, anxiety and other issues related to mental health.


  • The event, Men for Mental Health, will be a fun, light evening with local storytellers and musicians. Staged from the Windsor Heights Community Center, it can be viewed online at the Center’s website: There is no cost to attend.

  • The performers and speakers include Jim Hayes, Executive Director; Ann Flood, t.L.M.H.C.; Mark Poeppe, Psy.D.; Steve Berry, Emcee; Willie Farrell, Comedian; Scott Stilwell, Derek Sullivan-Lo (Titans group) and Tommy Doggett.

  • Funds will support mental health counseling, education, training and other services that impact men and boys

  • Donors at the $1,000 level will be recognized as “Heroes for Men.”

  • How to donate:

  • For more information, contact: Ann Flood,

This is the event I mentioned in my last Blog. I'll be performing at the beginning (5:45). Everyone on my email list, and everyone that joins my email list, will receive the audio from my performance.

Speaking of...for those of you that have been on my email list, I sent you a gift of appreciation. Check your Inbox. Thanks for your support.

In other news, we are going to need to rebuild our music communities when Covid-19 is under control. I was walking through East Village last week and saw a gutted store front...and then realized that it was The Continental. I've been playing shows at The Continental since 2006. I played my first show there with The Ben Mars Quartet. I played most recently in a trio with Scot Sutherland and Russ Tomlinson. The other night, I learned that the Vaudville Mews closed. The Mews opened in 2005, the same year I moved to Iowa. I've played and have seen countless shows at the Mews. The Mews was the place you could see punk, jazz, metal core, rap, and singer-songwriters...sometimes on the same bill. Venues are closing around the globe. Just promise me to go out and support live music when it's safe to do it.


Thomas Doggett
Thomas Doggett
Nov 09, 2020

Thanks, Ann! It was a pleasure to play for an important cause.


Nov 09, 2020


Your performance was mesmerizing. Thank you for donating your time and talent to this important cause.

Love ya,


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