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Stand By Me

I didn't realize Lisa was recording me but I was serenading her to celebrate the opening of her new art studio, Paper Garden Workshop at MainFrame Studios in Des Moines, Iowa. This interpretation of the Ben E. King classic is clearly influenced by saxophonists Derek Brown and Kenni Holman. Slap tonguing or beatbox sax is the percussive sound you hear in my low notes; It really adds depth to the sound and opens the door to the saxophone sounding more like a plucked instrument like guitar or bass. I like attempting to play two melodies at the same time. It's both a mental and musical challenge...and sometimes a magic trick. To do it, some notes are left out and you create the illusion that you are playing the two parts at the same time. Enjoy.

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Apr 12, 2021

Love it . Keep it up.

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