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Video premiere, single release, new website and Art Festival

Big couple days coming up! Friday is release day for our upcoming EP’s first single OUROBOROS, available wherever you buy or stream music; video on our YouTube page. Then on Saturday we are going to be throwin’ down jams like a Jackson Pollock painting at the @desmoinesartsfestival on the @hyveeMain Stage at 3pm! #desmoines#iowa#desmoinesartfestival#ENGLISH

"Fusing together the sounds of rock, funk, soul, alt-country and a touch of weird, ENGLISH is glued together by the band’s tight rhythm section, blistering horns and dynamic lead vocals...but they just call it "tater-tot casserole rock" to keep it short and simple."

Stay in touch because our EP Mona Lucy will be available this summer.

Last month, we shook off the cobwebs and did our first show in 15 months at xBk Live. It felt really good to play in front of an audience. Here's some pics:


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