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World Premiere: Suite of Miniature Thoughts

I am so happy to share this with you. My good friend Charles Savage wrote this for me back in 2016. Today, I can present you with the world premiere aka quarantine debut of Suite of Miniature Thoughts for solo tenor saxophone.

Suite of Miniature Thoughts (2016) written by Charles Savage for saxophonist Thomas Doggett during the summer of 2016, reflecting a wry, determined sense of humor, yet stay within the concept of a series of dances (though the titles may only vaguely resemble those ideas). The composition shows a variety of rhythmic complexities and timbres, including multi-phonics (used sparingly), so as to bring meaning to the titles.

The performer should feel free to interject some emotional additions, but not to show off too much. The performance should not by any means sound mechanical, but rather introspective.

The compositions should be played in the order of its writing.

The suite consists of sections named:

  1. Prelude (It all started when…)

  2. Elegy (a moment of sadness…)

  3. Waltz for One (teaching oneself to dance…)

  4. Balter (artlessly…)

  5. Time (at the end of the day.)

Charles Savage, a South Zanesville, Ohio native, is Professor of Lecturer of Music at Ohio University Zanesville since 1998. He received his B.A. from Harding University, attended Ohio Valley University for two years. He received Masters Degrees in Music Theory/Composition and Music Education from Ohio University. He has taught music theory, literature and vocal classes, and conducts the OUZ Choral Union. His music has been performed in several states including Iowa, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Arkansas. His composition "Mad Rush to the End has received multiple performances (with a performance in Ghent, Belgium), as well as his Short Symphony for Wind Ensemble No. 1, in which he has conducted the performances at Muskingum University, and was the guest composer/artist. In 2004, he received the Alumni Medal of Merit Award from Ohio Valley University. In 2006, he was awarded the Education in Excellence award by the Ohio magazine. In 2009, recipient of the Textbook Faculty Innovators Award. He is a member of ASCAP, and a lifetime member of the Society of Composers, Inc.,


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