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Lessons learned while avoiding Chicago

Goal: get to DC on December 24th with my son without spending the night in Chicago O’Hare.

Outcome: flight out of Des Moines is delayed causing us to miss the connection in Chicago before we even leave Des Moines. Between texts from my mother and the diligent work of Chantell (my new favorite American Airlines employee) a solution is found: a direct flight on Christmas Day or if two seats open up on a flight to Dallas, we can make it to DC tonight. I strike up a conversation with a guy that is also going to DC via Dallas. We talk, he checks his phone a lot. We wait to see if two seats are available. I see the man go up and talk to the attendant. A minute later, we’re told two seats are available: one in 1st Class and one in Coach. I have this strange suspicion that the guy I was talking to gave up his seat for us to get on this flight. I don’t know for sure but I didn’t see him board the plane. I gave my son the seat in 1st class.

Lesson learned: Plan and plan some more, say your dreams and goals out loud so people can hear them, surrender to the possibility that the way you’ll achieve your goal may look nothing like you’ve planned, be grateful and appreciative of everything that happens along the way, and finally, enjoy the ride.

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