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That is correct, I'm not being social anymore

After a lot of thought and reflection, I decided to delete my social media accounts. I had experimented before with taking a break or reducing the number of social outlets but this time, I reduced my online footprint to this website, my email address, and some sites that host music and video. The mainstream social media sites became a nuisance. It became a delusion if I was really more connected. The people I am truly connected to have my phone number. As my friend John said, "If the only way you can get a hold of me is Facebook, I probably don't want to talk to you." A little harsh but true. I realize that a lot of people will take me off of their radar and that's ok. If there's something worth knowing, I'll find out. And if I don't, that's ok too. In the past month, I've talked to a lot of friends in-person or on the phone. For my recent shows, I contacted people directly. In the end, it's about how things make me feel. I love learning more than anyone but I only learn when I have a moment to digest the information. The constant input of stimuli was overwhelming and what I was learning wasn't always worth it. So, there's my rant. If you are reading this: thank you.

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