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10 years ago in Arizona

I haven't been actively blogging because school is in full swing but I wanted to share some old photos. They're old but they seem like yesterday. In 2009, I did a string of shows with Corey Taylor's JBKB. In September of 2009, we were in Phoenix, Arizona playing to about 20,000 fans for the 98KUPD End of the Summer Scorcher. Those were 20,000 serious fans because they had been in the 100 degree Arizona sun all day just to listen to music. We took the stage as the sun went down; my clothes were drenched by the end of the first song. The hot weather didn't stop me from dancing when we broke into Let's Go Crazy by Prince but what made me consider dancing less was the fact that the platform I was standing on hadn't been locked into place; I felt like I was on a giant skateboard. Thankful to have the greatest stage crew, the platform was locked down in seconds and I was back to dancing by the first chorus.

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