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Lineage: xBk, Monday Night Live, August 1

If you've been following me, reading what I post, or just around me at all, you know that I have nine songs that I really want to perform. After two and half years, it's finally happening. I'll be joined by the amazing and beautiful humans Scot Sutherland, bass, Seth Hedquist, guitar, and Russ Tomlinson, drums at xBk Live in Des Moines, Iowa. Located in the Drake Neighborhood...the same neighborhood that I call home, is a true music venue. Scot and Russ along with Dave and Anne Ducharme-Jones have created an event known as Monday Night Live. It is becoming a major event that brings a packed house of music enthusiasts together. "How enthusiastic?" No one talks during the show...really...everyone listens to the music and it is so inspiring to experience.

Not only will you hear the four of us play but you'll also hear my good friend Courtney Krause and guitarist, Ben Dixon. Courtney and I are going to share the night: a few of my songs, a few of hers, all with the incredible band mentioned above.

To help introduce the world to my songs, I've created nine 30-second videos for each song with me describing the songwriting process. You can hop over to the Lineage page by clicking on the picture below. Because you're on my mailing list, you can watch all nine videos followers on Instagram have to wait each day to watch a new one. Thanks for trusting me.

The show is free and all-ages. The show will also be live-streamed. I'll post more details next week ahead of the show once xBk updates the live-stream.

Thanks and take care



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