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One, two, three!

Three shows this weekend and you should be at all of them. [edit: I have three shows this weekend not four as previously mentioned...I'm crazy from the heat!]

Friday July 26 w/ English @ Waukee Music in the Park, Waukee, Iowa, 6:30-8 pm

I'm really excited about this show because I'm really excited about this band. English has been at it for a few years and we continue to develop our sound. Describing music is sometimes hard because it can come across as vague or worse; pretentious. When the album was being recorded, we allowed the muse to take us in different directions. Those ten songs set the precedent for how we would approach our musical endeavors. Our new batch of songs deviate from the first album because we continue to explore and that's what English is all about: exploring. Now, that I've been vague and pretentious, maybe I can begin to shine some light on what we do. Imagine if Queens of the Stone Age had a horn section...right?!?...that would be cool! Now take those heavy guitars and those greasy horns and put them with a drummer and bassist that just won't quit. Mix in some a hot summer day in a new suit; dressed up for an evening out but havin' a cookout in your backyard instead; stylin' but swampy. But you know you want to dance? Don't worry about the steps; you'll find them or you can just jump around like your swatting at an inflated beachball instead. Observations, love songs, and phrases that just need to be set to music; allow it to wash over you or pay might be intrigued. And I hope you are because I really want you to hear this band. Join us this Friday for a really fun evening.

Saturday July 27 w/ Scot Sutherland & Russ Tomlinson @ The Continental, Des Moines, Iowa, 9pm-midnight

If you were at The Continental last month, you know that this trio created a vibe in the room that was memorable. Come hear us again as we explore what a trio can do when we take some jazz, some grunge, some soul, some rock, some old and new, some in and out, rinse it again, put it through the spin cycle, marinate it, put it on a plate, ring the bell, and shout: order up!

Sunday July 28 w/ Scot Sutherland & Russ Tomlinson @ Louie's Wine Dive, Des Moines, Iowa, 5-8 pm

Sunday at Louie's is my, no, is. Every establishment has it's vibe and has it's days and crew and it's clientele. Louie's is always enjoyable but Sundays are special. Scot and I noticed it the first time we played there on a Sunday. We're excited to be back again this Sunday and we're bring Russ with us.

Thanks for reading, supporting, and listening. TD


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