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Recording, cupcakes, gigs, & Arizona Pt. 2

Earlier this year, I received a call: "This song needs something and it's not a guitar solo. Can you come over and record some sax?" "Yes" When Dave Dacharme-Jones called me to record on the new Dacharme-Jones album, I was excited. Dave and Anne are wonderful human beings and their music reflects it. I video-recorded a lot of the session because I wanted to show my students the reality of recording: a lot of waiting...followed by more waiting and then...really focused playing.

I played with them for their CD Release party at The Greenwood Lounge to a packed room of fans and friends. There was so much love in the room...and cupcakes! And yes, the "CDs" were edible. Yum!

Enjoy the video and then visit their website for more information about the album and upcoming shows.

I have two shows coming up...two shows on the same day: Saturday August 24. I start my day at noon with the most delightful person I know: Courtney Krause. We'll be joined by Dylan Boyle on guitar. We are playing for the 2019 Exile Music Festival; a full day of music, games, food, and beer.

That evening, I'll be playing with Scot Sutherland and Russ Tomlinson at The Continental from 9pm-midnight. I'm very excited about this trio. The trio format has always been one of my favorites and I've been inspired by Joe Henderson, Branford Marsalis, and Joe Lovano. There's something special about the combination of tenor sax, bass, and drum set. Here's a video from our last show playing Lazurus by David Bowie. This song is off of David Bowie's last album that features saxophonist Donny McCaslin. Meeting Donny McCaslin and hearing his group play at the Des Moines Social Club a few years ago was very inspiring.

The first night we were in Phoenix, AZ, I took my son to South Mountain so we could watch the sunset. I love's my thing for whatever reason. As the sun went down and the moon started to rise, we talked about video game soundtracks and sound design. I can't think of a better thing to do on vacation.

Thanks for reading. Take care of yourself and each other.



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