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Upcoming show and news from the studio

The day I've been waiting for has finally happened: Lines and Lineage was recorded this week! After three very patient years, the nine songs about my family have been documented. The songs were recorded at Golden Bear Studios in Des Moines with Bryan Vanderpool and Blake Van Houten engineering. All nine songs were recorded live in the studio. The day was very productive. We were able to get three takes of each song. The next step is to mix the songs. That's scheduled for the end of the month and you can bet they'll be a blog post about it.

And why stop there. We're going to perform the songs next Saturday, December 17 at The Continental. If you plan to attend and you are unaware, The Continental has relocated around the corner on 5th Street. Music starts at 8pm.

Rehearsal Wednesday night. One last run-through before going to the studio.

Recording at Golden Bear on Thursday.

A Golden Bear Polaroid tradition to mark the occasion.

Until next time, thank you for reading.



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